Element Packaging Introduces a Flexible Sustainable Packaging Alternative

  • Element Beauty Group

Element Packaging continues to expand their sustainable packaging offerings by investing in material science advancements. Element’s new flexible packaging is made from a unique 3-d mono-material thermo-form component. 

This new line of packaging solutions is completely flexible, yet maintains the structural integrity necessary to promote a sustainable on-shelf presence. The material is durable and holds up during transport, retail, and consumer use. The product allows consumers 100% evacuation during use. 

Sustainability in all steps of the packaging’s life was kept in mind during development. This packaging is sustainable from the reduced use of raw materials, to transport, and finally to the disposal of the packaging. 

The thin walls of Element’s flexible packaging are lightweight. When companies choose flexible packaging over rigid plastic packaging, the fuel use during transport decreases. Lightweight packaging lowers your company’s carbon footprint by consuming less energy. 

Recycling is easy since this new flexible packaging is made from a mono-material. To make your product even more eco friendly, request your flexible packaging with PCR plastic instead of virgin plastic.

Element Packaging is constantly developing new advancements in sustainable packaging with material science investments. They work directly with companies to help make their product lines as sustainable as possible.

Contact Element to see how they can help make your company more environmentally friendly. 

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